Misato 美郷 Antique 骨董 Museum 美遊時庵

Guide to "Misato Antique Museum"

The shop sells antiques and second-hand items on consignment. There is also a pay-per-use display area with historical documents and retro items. The sales area is free of charge.

昔の化粧品店をイメージした休み場In the exhibition area, which is open to the public for a fee, you can touch and feel toys and living spaces from the past. You can actually hold and touch the toys, so it is recommended not only for people with nostalgic tastes, but also for those who are interested in history and local culture. You can also take a rest at your favorite booth.

The antique and second-hand goods sales corner, with free admission, is open to the public with the aim of achieving SDGs. We help customers who find new value in the design and use of used items, and are willing to take them in the light.

Seminars and Workshops

カフェテリアA tearoom is available to serve food and foodstuffs. We are responsible for food hygiene. It can be used as an eat-in or rest area, and can also be used for casual gatherings and workshops for people who share common interests and topics.

The workshops currently being held are

  •   Aromatic Hand & Head Treatment
  •   Porcelain (a class to sticker your favorite design on ceramics)
  •   palmistry(palm readings)

We are also looking for more people to join us. You can also use the coffee room for crafts and hobbies. Please feel free to contact us.

For inquiries,
エー ビー シー アイ エヌ シー アットマーク アール オー エス イー ドット ピー エル エー エル エー ドット オー アール ドット ジェイ ピー
Business Hours:10:00~16:00
Closed on Monday and Tuesday


Please note that the office may be closed temporarily.

During the winter, the museum will be temporarily closed depending on the amount of snow.